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Welcome To Victory Hood & Duct Services! Kitchen Hood Cleaning Solutions in Eastern Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

Are you a restaurant owner having problems with dirty kitchen hoods? Then look no further!

Victory Hood & Duct Services is here to serve you. We help restaurants and other food businesses in cleaning their kitchen hoods. We offer you a cleaning service like no other because we believe that customer satisfaction is our main goal. If our customers are happy with our service, then we have achieved our purpose in this business.

We also want to help you to be compliant of existing regulations when it comes to maintaining and cleaning kitchen hoods. We understand that compliance to NFPA-96 Standard is important for you and your kitchen business.

If you are not familiar with this regulation, read on below to have a brief understanding of this very important regulation.

The National Fire Protection Association 96 or simply NFPA-96 Standard as everybody knows is the existing regulating standard for cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. Unique conditions in commercial kitchens require special fire safety precautions. It is your single source for state-of-the-art safety guidelines on the design, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of the full spectrum of cooking equipment, kitchen hoods, grease removal devices, exhaust duct systems, fans, fire suppression systems and clearance to combustibles. It was established in 1961 and has changed drastically throughout the years. Today, it also outlined the specific guidelines on the design, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of the full spectrum of cooking equipment, kitchen hoods, grease removal devices, exhaust duct systems, fans, fire suppression systems and clearance to combustibles.

    We Provide A+ Hood Cleaning in New Jersey

    Victory Hood & Duct Services started with a single vision: to help other business owners operate safely and efficiently without having to sacrifice the quality of the hood cleaning service they need. While protecting their customers, employees and their overall investment, business owners can grow and expand their business.

    We take pride in sharing that none of our past clients who availed of our service has ever had a fire! We have a team of professional hood cleaners that are properly trained and equipped with the right knowledge for the task. We also utilize the most stringent industry safety standards for cleaning your kitchen hoods.

    • National Fire Protection Association Standards (NFPA)
    • International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association

    Our company has catered to many food businesses in Central New Jersey. Small and big businesses have trusted us over the years in handling the cleaning of their kitchen hoods. We also cater to residential areas and to all structures that need hood cleaning. We promise to deliver the highest standard in terms of kitchen hood cleaning because we want every single dollar you paid to be worth our service.

    Only the Best Service

    We treat your kitchen hoods and your kitchen with utmost care. We use only state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly products in dealing with grease and grimes. We know what is required by the local authorities and we will make sure your business complies with all the ordinances and regulations.

    We will go through all the areas of your kitchen exhaust system, leaving no areas unclean. Our proven technique in kitchen hood cleaning is what makes us stand out from other hood cleaning companies in the market.

    Our teams are available 24/7 for emergency purposes. Our vans and trucks come to your premises quickly the moment you need them.

    Our Reputation Goes Before Us

    Repeat business is the proof that we are doing our job well. With decades of experience combined with good reputation from our clients, we can only deliver the best results. We have the best people in our team and each team has a supervisor to oversee the cleaning procedures. In this way, we can make sure that all areas that need cleaning will be addressed. Our staff are well-trained and still continue to receive ongoing training to be able to stay updated with the latest trends in kitchen hood cleaning.

    We promise no disruption to your business because we know time is important for you. We start on time and finishes on the agreed schedule. We pay attention to all the little details for you.

    Why Choose Us For Your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning?

    Fair and Competitive Pricing

    We offer a competitive price and we still deliver excellent results to your kitchen hoods. Competitive doesn’t mean cheap. It means that we make every hard-earned dollar count. We have a pricing structure that works on all kinds of budget. As soon as you ask for a quote in person, we will give you the exact amount, with no hidden charges. However, should you want to have a free quote over the phone, give us a call today and our customer representative will be glad to help you.

    Areas of Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

    Victory Hood Cleaning doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to cleaning your kitchen hoods. We want to make your kitchen hoods cleaner like they are new. That is why we outlined the important areas of your kitchen exhaust system that we focus our cleaning.

    • Top to Bottom Cleaning

    Exhaust systems comprise five major elements: hoods, filters, ducts, fans and rooftop containment. We start at the top and work our way down the system.

    • Wastewater containment set-up

    Our professional hood cleaners will disconnect movable equipment under the hood and wheel it out of the way. Then we will typically cover the stationary equipment with plastic sheeting and canvas tarps. We will remove the grease filters and form a chute with tarps or plastic sheeting around the perimeter of the hood that leads into a 55-gal drum.

    • Rooftop containment clean-up
    We start the cleaning process up on the roof, first cleaning or replacing any grease pads around the exhaust fan housing and emptying and cleaning the grease containment trough or trap around the housing. While our team is up there, we will also check for grease accumulation or damage on the roof, and will check and clean or replace supply-side kitchen ventilation filters, too.

    • Exhaust fan cleaning and inspection

    Properly designed exhaust fan housing should be hinged to give contractors easy access to the fan and ductwork. We will clean the fan blades and housing, inspect the fan and motor, test and tighten the fan belt if necessary and grease the bearings if needed.

    • Duct Cleaning

    We usually clean ducts with either pressurized steam hoses or more commonly hot water pressure washers. We may also add a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer or one we make up ourselves. Our technicians will apply it with a pressurized foaming system on our trucks. For caked-on grease or tough spots such as corners or flanges, our technicians might use scrapers, stiff synthetic bristle brushes or poly scrub pads. When these are used properly, these tools do not scratch the ductwork.

    • Hood Cleaning

    Our technicians may use scrapers and brushes on the plenum and hood interior for stubborn grease accumulation. Otherwise, we will usually clean it with the same pressure washer system used for the ductwork. The hood’s interior and exterior stainless may be manually cleaned with a degreaser if necessary or mild detergents wiped down and dried with clean cloths. Our technicians will take special care of demand-control hoods to protect their heat and or effluent sensors during the cleaning process.

    • Grease Filters

    We will disassemble and pressure wash baffle filters or wash them manually; then we dry and reinstall them in the hood.

    • Clean-up

    Our team will collect all wastewater and grease from traps and clean and dispose of those collection containers properly. Then we return and reconnect all equipment. Our technicians will make sure to leave your kitchens as clean as or cleaner than we found them.

    • Final inspection and report

    After cleaning up, we will test your exhaust systems to make sure they are operating correctly and that the system is not losing pressure or leaking through the ducts anywhere. We will provide you with a written report documenting everything we performed in your exhaust system.

    Stress Free Restaurant Vent Cleaning Solutions.

    Focus on other things you have to do like running your business, making your customers happy or opening a new branch in other locations. The toughest cleaning task in the kitchen will now be handled by our team and your customers’ and employees’ safety will never be compromised again.

    Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to give you a free quote for your kitchen hood cleaning needs. Just call us if you need regular cleaning, set the schedule and forget about it! It will be our job to clean as per schedule so that your kitchen hoods will never have to deal with grease build-up again.

    If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to share them with us and we will do our best to answer them. For your comments and suggestions, we would love to hear them, too so we can improve our cleaning services.

    With Victory Hood & Duct Services, your kitchen safety is our priority!

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